exploration experience

based on real space data

What is Pramantha.

Pramantha is a solution to pave the way towards open and distributed space exploration through data analysis and web applications.
Pramantha platform originates from a team of students and researchers that met at 2014 NASA Space Apps Challenge in Rome, the journey beginning here will guide users through experiences revolving around space science and exploration.
The first step is going to be Xploration, an App that lets users build their own nanosatellites using real-world off-the-shelves CubeSat instruments. More games, data-tools and scientific apps are going to be present in the platform in the next months to give users the possibility for a personal look into Space through data-visualization technologies and games.

What are space data.

We are creating an integrated datacloud infrastructure that combines data retrieved by NASA, ESA and JAXA’s orbital and non-orbital missions, sensors, relevant scientific knowledge from physics and engineering, unstructured and textual data, such as webpages, articles and scientific publications related to space science and the space economy.

What is the future about.

Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.
Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky

Thousands of rovers and micro-probes will be surfing the System, controlled by many private and public institutions and, eventually, by private citizens, with the goal of collecting and sharing data. Space is too vast to have restricted access: cheap technologies as micro-satellites, citizen science, open research, private launchers, multidisciplinarity, and always more specialized knowledge are taking part to the adventure.
With the support of users, the team of researchers developers and artists we gathered is willing to shape these energies through Pramantha, a cutting edge network of Web services in the cloud who aggregates data from multiple sources to contribute to awareness about the future of space exploration.


Lorenzo gathering experience in maritime industry

Lorenzo now working with Pole Star Space Systems, contributing to safety of maritime transportation

Cassini Grand Finale

Cassini-Huygens mission steps into legend by jumping into Saturn's atmosphere

Director growing skills in satellite imagery technologies

Pramantha's Director, Lorenzo, joined Astrosat for one year of Commercial Space and Geospatial development.

Director get into platform development for IoT devices

Pramantha's Director, Lorenzo, joined Atooma/Resonance AI. Resonance AI enters 500 Startups Incubator SF, CA.

Pramantha's concepts started to be developed

Pramantha's Director, Lorenzo, follows the implementation of W3C Hydra as volunteer and maintainer.

Dawn orbits Ceres

NASA Dawn mission reached and is orbiting Dwarf Planet Ceres. Great job!

More Team Members

@jacoscaz and Antonio Russo joined the team to develop more wonders for Chronos/Pramantha

Workshop Machine Learning Italy

@jdurandi is attending the Machine Learning Italy Workshop about Python Sci-Kit-Learn tutorial with Anaconda, at Politecnico in Turin, Italy

Pramantha is Born

Using Project Chronos' Know-How we start this new venture, with old and new members

Conference with JPL's OCO-2 Mission Team

@lorenzogotuned had the pleasure to follow the conference-call with Karen Yeun and Flynn Platt from JPL about the first release of OCO-2's Earth data. Thanks to guys at iSeeChange.Org

Taxonomy of Sensors

@jdurandi and Antonio are developing a taxonomy for sensors used in space that will have a big part in our information ordering functions. Great!

Philae Landed On A Comet!

Huge Milestone For All Space Explorers Around. Thanks Guys at ESA!

With JPL for SPICE Toolkit Training

@jdurandi have had the great opportunity to learn from the best software engineers how to handle data coming from the Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility. Thanks guys!

First sight to the Data

@lorenzogotuned takes this image of the actual linked data in the database

Training Creative Attitude

Giacomo is at IAC2014, getting in touch with aerospace players and designers.

Training Creative Attitude

@lorenzogotuned has spent three days with the design team at Royal College of Art, London. Great lcoation, great people, cool activities. Thanks guys!

Chronos was at Synergize2014

A lot of new contacts we have met in Lancaster, UK

New Website

Thanks to Oliver for this great web-design

Chunk of graphic design

From Locho Soo Kim and Francesco, the first sights from the simulator's look and feel

Cool Glyphs

Locho Soo Kim drawings for the simulator

Prototyping? Yes thanks.

A new piece of design is in town: the textual version of the simulator is up for a try and some feedback.

OKFest 2014

Chronos is also in Berlin these days, at Open Knowledge Festival: look for @jdurandi to have a fantastic business card and some news!

Test Phase: First Step

Test phase started at math and physics summer campus near Novara(Italy), thanks to Christopher

Struggle to Learn

Coming soon in this section all the updates about how everything is going.

New creations, new animations, new game design. Live with us the first steps for a world-wide collaborating community.

Best Mission Concept Award

What is going to be in later days the Project Chronos Team is awarded at 2014 SpaceApps Rome

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